Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tornado Warning Number 1

Well I've just returned from my bathroom after the first Tornado Warning of the spring. I know that it is "Tornado Week" on the weather channel, but somehow I would think they'd cut in with alternative programming during a severe weather breakout. Something about having pictures of massive F-5 tornadoes and damage on the screen as you're under a Tornado Warning is just a bit surreal. Looks like Jacksonville has missed wave one, but there apparently is a Tornado on the ground 10 miles south headed towards Springfield. This is one of those nights that I wish I had a basement. From the looks of the radar, I'll probably be woke up around midnight with round two.

On a funny note, I'm not sure how I could tell a tornado was about to hit my apartment. With the train tracks less than 100 feet away I'd say that I hear freight trains all the time... Ironically one is passing now.

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