Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lyrical Thought 12

Soul Asylum

Runaway Train Lyrics

Call you up in the middle of the night
Like a firefly without a light
You were there like a blowtorch burning
I was a key that could use a little turning

So tired that I couldn't even sleep
So many secrets I couldn't keep
I promised myself I wouldn't weep
One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now,
I'm in too deep; there's no way out
This time I have really led myself astray

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Can you help me remember how to smile?
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
How on earth did I get so jaded?
Life's mystery seems so faded

I can go where no one else can go
I know what no one else knows
Here I am just a-drownin' in the rain
With a ticket for a runaway train

And everything seems cut and dried,
Day and night, earth and sky,
Somehow I just don't believe it

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Bought a ticket for a runaway train
Like a madman laughing at the rain
A little out of touch, a little insane
It's just easier than dealing with the pain

Runaway train, never going back
Wrong way on a one-way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Runaway train, never coming back
Runaway train, tearing up the track
Runaway train, burning in my veins
I run away but it always seems the same

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lenten Reflection

Once again the Mardi Gras celebrations are crescendoing towards Fat Tuesday and Catholic Choirs are getting their lenten assignments. For many Catholic choirs Lent means that it's time to throw away all notions of joy and hope and instead replace them with mea culpa inspired music that is more commonly found at funerals.

Contrary to the common belief implied by this, Jesus Christ has not died yet in the liturgical calendar and in fact I've peeked ahead at the next chapter and ... ready for this? Jesus Christ rises triumphantly from the dead and conquers the sins of the world. Wow now that's pretty powerful stuff.

Perhaps instead of focusing soley on the pensive pentitent side of the Lenten journey, we need to take a broader reflection on what it is that Jesus Christ did for us on the cross. Yes he suffered and died, but it was so that we could live fully in his kingdom after our human death. To me Lent should be more a time to reflect on what that means to us. We should celebrate the events of the Lenten journey as the steps that lead us to that fullness of redeption that Jesus provides for us. Am I suggesting that Lent be a party? No, but it doesn't have to be spiritually dead either. Even at the end of the journey, Jesus celebrated the Passover feast which was a joyous occasion. I can imagine Jesus and the Apostles eating and drinking like any group of friends. Likewise we can still enjoy life during this Lenten season and as a church I belive we should still be able to enjoy Mass.

Ok for those of you that are now saying "Enjoy Mass? Mass isn't for enjoyment," I say, yes it is. Mass is a celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. It's not a funeral for Jesus. We honor the death of Jesus with the absence of a celebration of Mass on Good Friday. The rest of the year we celebrate the resurrection!

Well now that I've said my piece, I'll disappear into the crowd until the Easter season when the Church remembers what it's like to smile.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Valentine's Day...

Another year, another Valentine's Day, another lonely night. The last time Valentine's day was special for me was the night a past friend heart attacked my dorm room in college. What do I want? I want to be able to experience some simple things again.

  • Hearing my heart and my girlfriend's beating as the only sounds just being together.

  • Smelling a scent that reminds me of her and the little pick me up that brings.

  • Spending a quiet night snuggled with my girlfriend on the couch watching a good movie.

  • Falling asleep with my girlfriend in my arms on a lazy afternoon.

  • Just knowing that there is someone who always cares about me.

Lyrical Thought 11

Dead Puppies

Dead puppies
Dead puppies
Dead puppies aren't much fun
They don't come when you call
They don't chase squirrels at all
Dead puppies aren't much fun

My puppy died late last fall
He's still rotting in the hall
Dead puppies aren't much fun
Mom says puppy's days are through
She's gonna throw him in the stew
Dead puppies aren't much fun

Dead puppies
Dead puppies
Dead puppies aren't much fun

Dead puppies
Dead puppies
Dead puppies aren't much fun

Dead puppies
Dead puppies

Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentine's Day Weekend is Upon Us...

Which for me means making sure I have enough DVDs to avoid TV for the next few days and plenty of computer games to keep me occupied. For all the couples out there, enjoy. For all of the single women out there, comment on this post with your phone number. ;-)

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Oh God You Are So Big...

Ok so I was watching Monty Python's Meaning of Life today and heard this prayer. I was thinking about what the looks would be on the older choir members if I said this prayer at choir practice. I also thought that and I should do this sometime for our Catholic friends. Anyhow without any further adieu here is the text that prompted this little ramble.

A "scientific" View on Transubstantiation

Ok this person really really really has too much time on their hands. Take a look here.

Lyrical Thought 10

Elephant Love Medley

by Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor and Jamie Allen

Ewan: Love is a many splendoured thing, love, lifts us up where we
belong, all you need is love.
Nicole: Please, don't start that again.

E: All you need is love.
N: A girl has got to eat.

E: All you need is love.
N: Or she'll end up on the streets.

E: All you need is love.
N: Love is just a game.

E: I was made for loving you baby, you were made for loving me.
N: The only way of loving me baby, is to pay a lovely fee

E: Just one night, give me just one night.
N: There's no way, cause you can't pay.

E: In the name of love, one night in the name of love.
N: You crazy fool, I won't give in to you.

E: Don't leave me this way, I can't survive, without your sweet
love, oh baby, don't leave me this way.
N: You'd think that people would have had enough of silly
love songs.

E: I look around me and I see, it isn't so, oh no.
N: Some people want to fill the world with silly love songs.

E: Well what's wrong with that, I'd like to know, cause here I go again!
Love lifts us up where we belong, where the eagles fly, on
a mountain high.
N: Love makes us act like we are fools, throw our lives away
for one happy day.

E: We could be heroes, just for one day.
N: You, you will be mean.

E: No I won't!
N: And I, I--I'll drink all the time.

E: We should be lovers.
N: We can't do that.

E: We should be lovers, and that's a fact.
N: Though nothing, will keep us together.

E: We could steal time...Just for one day.
Both: We could be heroes, for ever and ever.
We could be heroes, for ever and ever. We could be heroes...
E: Just because I will always love you.

N: I can't help loving
E: you.
N:How wonderful life is...
Both: Now you're in the world.