Sunday, March 12, 2006

Tornado Update 2

* Lots of wind damage in Springfield, New Berlin and other parts of Sangamon County
* My manager's brother's house was hit, he's ok, but a tree is on his truck.
* Injuries have been reported.

Keep praying, round two is still to come.

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  1. Oh, wow! I pray that this stuff is over for a while. This week has brought some crazy weather, hasn't it...I know there were tornados nearby here (where I live in St. Joseph) and it made for an interesting start to Sunday morning Mass. There was a huge hail storm and the sirens were going off again and again, so our Fr. Tom asked someone to keep a tabs on the weather (you know, to make sure we didn't need to up and go to the basement or something during Mass).
    You know, this past summer, MaryHamera was a cook at a Kanakuk camp...and she told me the most amazing story. They were on the camp grounds and a tornado hit...and they had not a single place to go that would fit everyone. They ended up having to go underneath this overhang of a building that cut into the hill (it was the cafeteria building) and they sat there clinging to each other and singing praise & worship songs (not that it's the safest thing to sit around outside during a tornado or even under an overpass like that, good golly)...but they were able to see it I think, and they literally were just praying that they'd all be okay. And they were, though I'm sure proper tornado cover came up after the summer sessions were out...But Mary said it was the best/most powerful praise & worship/prayer session she's ever kidding!