Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Vigil Mass

Well all my fears were alleved and we had an awesome Easter Vigil Mass. For me the high point came from a little girl. She was being baptised tonight and as Father poured the water over her, she smiled a huge smile from ear to ear. The joy she showed was infectous and pretty soon the entire congregation was echoing her smile.

As we went through the Mass I couldn't help but think about the Easter Vigil Masses from my past. Like how beautifully Terry used to sing the Exsultet at St. James. And the times when Leah and I would help Fr. Bill at his parish in Memphis, MO. They were so thrilled to have music for their worship.

The one thing that struck me odd tonight was the lack of people. We had a very large group of RCIA related people, but other than that there were very few parishioners. It's said that people shy away mainly because "it's too long" or "it's too late". What an amazing liturgy that they miss and it only happens once a year.

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