Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Come Holy Spirit Come

Wow, ok so last night I went to the parish retreat night two which was on the Gift of God's Grace. During the night we had a reconcilliation service. As I was preparing to go to the priest, I was thinking of what really had been keeping me away from God. Mostly it seems to be stubborness to accept God's plan when it doesn't mesh with what I had planned. Ok so I definitely did not expect to be in Jacksonville, IL and single at this point in my life. I talked to Father about it and mentioned that I really wish I could figure out more of the why's. Well after the service I went to the school gym for the cookies and punch reception and ran into a couple in their 50's. The gentleman had been one of the speakers last night at the retreat and I noticed that he had a very good singing voice. Being ever the choir recruiter... especially for men, I went up and told him I thought he should join us for choir. He told me that he would, but that music would have to change first. I asked him what he meant and he started talking about how the parish needed more praiseful music and more modern music. Some bystanders (also older, well than me) heard him talking and came by to agree. I've been saying this for years, but I always figured I was just a very vocal minority. It seems that there might be more of an undercurrent than I thought. I encouraged them all to come talk to the music director about it. I'm beginning to think I've found my next goal from God. Rejuvinate Our Saviour's liturgical music. Eek I hope he helps me a lot.

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