Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Networkers at Cisco Live! Day 1

Ok so I need to recap yesterday.  Yesterday for me was an all day Techtorial on Enterprise deployment of IP Telephony.  It was a fairly good overview, but not as in depth as I had hoped for.

The really good news was that Disney was able to replace our tickets based on the ticket numbers provided by the Orlando Visitors Bureau that I had ordered the tickets from online.   As such Emily and I spent most of the evening at the Magic Kingdom.  We had a lot of fun and going at night meant the lines were fairly short for the most part.  I can now finally say that I've been to Disney. :-)


  1. Obviously things are going well if you and Emily are going on trips together... I mean, sheesh, you're so wrapped up, we don't hear from you or see you online any more :p

  2. I'm online all the time, you just aren't on GTalk!