Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost... But Not Quite

This morning the local radio station was running a contest for a $300 Gas Card.  The game was they had had a DJ hide out in the listening area.  Well as the yes or no clue questions were asked and answered I began to suspect that she was in my company (Passavant Hospital) parking lot.  After a little bit of circling I did find her, but didn't get through on the lines before another employee got through and got the prize.  It was kind of fun finding her and almost getting it.  Reminds me of the days that another station used to do "the little black box" contest where they would hide a box with a code somewhere in the area and give clues daily to find it.  The person that called in with the code won some money.  It was always fun to see everyone swarming the back roads to find it. :-)

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