Monday, July 23, 2007

Networkers 2007 Post 1

Well I made it to Anaheim Saturday night after an eventful day of flying. First I woke up late and missed my flight by about 5 minutes in Springfield due to some faulty alarms. I made it to Chicago on the next flight and thankfully my corporate travel agent was able to get me to San Francisco and then on to Anaheim. Yesterday's Techtorial was a bit of a disappointment. Usually techtorials are highly packed training, but this one was basically a marketing deluge about a new product.

Today has been good, my morning lab was extremely hands-on and very good. Right now I'm waiting for my afternoon session to start on DNS implementations in the Enterprise... sounds exciting to you non-geeks now doesn't it?

On a random note I found out today that is also in the LA area this week for something. Being so close to Disneyland I feel that a rousing chorus of "It's a Small World" might just be in order... but then again maybe not.

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