Sunday, July 1, 2007


Ok so I've been watching a lot of Star Trek Voyager on DVD lately and it's gotten me to thinking. Several of the episodes revolve around things occurring on the ship's holodeck. For those of you not familiar with Star Trek technology, the holodeck is a large room on the ship where holographic images of places and characters can be produced that the crew can interact with as if they were real. One of the programs that became a favorite of the crew was called Fair Haven. Fair Haven was a small Irish coastal town complete with the local Pub and church. For a while in their day crew members can retreat to the Holodeck and immerse themselves in a kind of dream to unwind from their stress.

This has gotten me thinking about where and when (it could be any time period) I would choose to go to relax if I had a holodeck at my disposal. I think I would like to find a program that would be in a small town somewhere in Italy (hey it's Star Trek, I'd have the universal translator). I'm not sure what year, but definitely in a slower calmer time. It would be nice to sit at a street side table drinking some wine and watching people stroll around.

How about you? Where and when would you go?

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