Thursday, May 31, 2007

Newman Fire Updates

First, an update with good news about some Newman history from Katie (Boettcher) Jones.

Dear Friends~

The first thought that occured to me this morning when I read the fire e-mail: "I knew there was a reason I still had all of Newman's pics from 1975-2003 including the negatives." What's more, I have all the alumni memories that were typed up as well and the Newman box was one of the few things that didn't get waterlogged in my basement flood a month ago.

Ironic or providence? You decide.


Now an update from the Newman Facebook group via Mary Niehaus

On Wednesday, May 30, the Catholic Newman Center was struck by lightning. The bolt struck the middle of the roof, setting Newman on fire and causing it to completely burn down during the early hours of Thursday morning. Little was salvageable, but the tabernacle was recovered by the Fire Chief and placed in Mary Immaculate. Nobody was in the building or injured.

We have been receiving calls from students, alumni, and community members inquiring about the state of Newman and the Newman community. As of right now, the best thing that anyone can do is send up some prayers for this summer and this semester. We are determined to rebuild, both the building and our community. Financial donations are also needed and appreciated to cover the impending costs of the next few weeks (buying new vestments for Fr. Bill, office supplies, computers, etc). All donations can be sent to the Cornerstone address at:

801 S. Davis
Kirksville, MO 63501

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