Saturday, April 21, 2007

Angela's Wedding

Today my friend Angela was married to her husband Charlie. It was a very nice wedding Mass. Right now I'm sitting in the hotel in Peoria (sans WiFi ... GASP) writing this in offline mode while watching the Cubs on TV. One thing really struck me today and it had nothing to do with Angela or Charlie. During the Eucharist, the priest only offered the Body to the congregation. Only the bride, groom, servers and the priest were offered the Blood. I've never really thought about it in the past because it has never happened, but I felt kind of slighted that both species were not offered by the priest.

The other thing that as a musician slightly confused me was that the congregation was not invited to sing with the musicians for the songs during the Wedding. It would seem to me that especially in special liturgies the Vatican II call for full, conscious and active participation would be paramount to help give the community's AMEN to the bond being formed in front of them. Hope I didn't overstep my bounds by singing One Bread, One Body from memory during Communion. ;-)

After the ceremony I follwed a caravan back to the hotel where we're all staying. After three trips to the front desk I finally got assigned to the right room with the right key. I've definitely been spoiled traveling with Dot and staying in mostly Hamptons and Hilton Inn and Gardens.

The reception is upcoming and after talking with my ex-fiance and her husband after the wedding I think I'll do ok. I was really worried that some deep long forgotten wound would burst open and I wouldn't be able to handle things, but so far so good.

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