Sunday, April 22, 2007

Angela's Reception

Things went much better tonight that I was fearing. Seeing Kate and her husband really didn't phase me as much as I was anticipating. Most of my mood was my normal it's a wedding and I'm single sorta blues. The reception was very nice, great food, a good DJ and good friends.

There is someone that I'd like to ask out(and she's actually single), but I have no clue whether she would be at all open to it or not. The real problem is that she lives in another state so the normal get together as friends bit is a bit challenging. I wish women were easier to read.


  1. Girls
    Ha! Girls easy to read? Good luck with that.
    Long distance relationships are tough. Really tough. It's only worth trying if you can have relative frequent contact. Otherwise it's just more longing and heartache.

  2. Re: Girls
    Hey Luke, send me an e-mail sometime ( so I can send you some stuff.

  3. Re: Girls
    What? like viruses and stuff? :)
    I'm also on gmail.
    It's doctorlucias there.