Wednesday, May 3, 2006

M*A*S*H Quote

* Hawkeye: "Maybe you and I are just too choosey. We're both waiting for a custom fit in an off-the-rack world."
* Margaret: "Sounds like a long wait."
* Hawkeye: "Well I have just the thing to pass the time. You ever play double solitaire Scrabble?"
* Margaret: "Double solitaire?"
* Hawkeye: "Yeah. You make whatever you can out of what you got and I make whatever I can out of what I got. And we don't score off each other. And if you need any extra letters like a 'y' for 'sympathy', you can borrow one of mine."
* Margaret: "How many points do I get if I find L-O-V-E?"
* Hawkeye: "You win the game."

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