Thursday, May 4, 2006

Florida Trip!!!

Ok so as some of you know, I received a call from my boss last Friday telling me that I needed to be at the St. Louis airport Monday morning for an 8am flight. Well this flight was to Tampa Bay. A vendor of ours paid all of our expenses to fly to St. Petersburg, FL for 2 nights to attend a training event they were hosting. We stayed at an awesome resort called Trade Winds in St. Pete. My room overlooked the Gulf of Mexico. Way cool!

Of course we had some fun as well as the training. Monday night I went bar hopping (never done that before) with a group of people including my boss and sales person. I think it was because it was free or something, but I finally gave beer a try (I never liked the smell). Corona was ok, Miller Lite, not so much. I'll probably still stick mainly to mixed drinks. Tuesday afternoon we went on a dolphin cruise that ended at an offshore island. We were able to swim around the boat and walk the beaches. There were some fortifications from the Spanish American war too.

Unfortunately today I'm half asleep at work, but it was fun.

Here's my proof (courtesy of my boss' camera phone) that I was there.

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  1. Okay, I dunno what happened to the rest of this, but what I was saying here:
    I'll probably still stick mainly to mixed drinks.
    Wimp ;)