Monday, January 12, 2009

Diet Update

Well I'm still 100% on board with the diet plan.  No slip ups yet except in my dreams.  It's quite amazing how realistic a dream can get with taste.  Today starts day 4 on the diet.  So far all of the meals that I've tried have tasted really good.  The shakes are almost too good to be diet food.  Right now I would say my favorite shake is to do a chocolate shake with mint extract.  One caveat, be very careful how much mint you put in, a little goes a long way.  I had one shake over the weekend that could have passed for mouth rinse.  Today is the midpoint check in and with three days of records I have eaten 2980 calories and exercised away 520 for a net caloric intake of 2460 over three days.  I'm fairly sure that I've had more than that in one day in the past.

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