Sunday, June 10, 2007

D-Day Musing

This is a bit belated, but still relavant. Last week XM's 1940's channel carried rebroadcasts of the NBC radio news broadcasts from D-Day and D-Day +1. What really struck me was the fact that in 1944 the news cast involved three prayers, one from a Protestant minister, one from a Priest and one from a Rabbi. It really is striking to me how different the United States is today. Even if we were in a "popular" war like World War II, I can't imagine any news outlet being willing to carry any religious prayers for our troops and country.

The other thing in the broadcasts that struck me was the way the news casters covered the military actions. They went to great lengths to cover the story while not giving any useful tactical or strategic information. If only our military were so gifted in today's media.

It makes me wonder, what would be the outcome if a conflict like World War II were to occur in today's world? Would the US even get involved? Would the press be the enemy's best intelligence source? Would the citizens of the US support our troops with efforts of war rationing, war bonds and scrap drives?

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