Friday, February 2, 2007

Prayer for the Bears

Let us bow our heads now and pray....

Our Papa,

Who art a Bear,

Hallowed by thy fame,

Thy championship come,

Thy play be run,

At home as it is away,

Give us this day our Sunday win,

And forgive us our turnovers,

Though we pounce on those who turnover against us,

And lead us not into fourth and long,

But deliver us from Krenzel.



  1. Why not
    "Our Papa
    Who art a Bear,
    Halas be thy name"

  2. Good idea. I knew you'd come around to the Bears side.

  3. Eh, I dunno. I'm really hoping for a good game. Now, if Petyon Manning played for the Bears, I could whole-heartedly root for them, cuz I want him to win so that the sportswriters will no longer have to write about how he can't win the big game.
    Also, I find it amusingly ironic that a St. Louis fan has to help you poor, crazy Chicago fans out with your prayers ;)
    Oh, and add this to the end:
    "For the offense, the defense, and the Lombardi are yours,
    Now and forever,
    DA BEARS."