Monday, January 1, 2007

New Years 2007 Quiz

Since I like following umrguy42's lead at things...

2007 Looking Ahead
No 1 word answers please. Explain your replies.
In 2007....
will you try to eat healthier?:A constant struggle, but yes.
will you take up some form of excercise?:Yes, the only question is for how long.
what new things will you try to learn?:Well I'm continuing my trumpet lessons to get better at that and I'll be doing more Cisco Certifications. Beyond that I'd like to try to start learning Italian.
will you try to improve your financial situation?:Yes, working on that now.
are there any bad habits you hope to break?:Yes, need to stop comfort eating.
are there any fears you'd like to try and overcome?:Yes, fear of rejection.
will there be any lifelong goals you'll try to accomplish?:Yes, but only with God's help will that happen.
will you move to a new place?:Maybe, depends on question 4.
what new things will you try for fun and adventure?:Not sure.
will you try a new look?:Well if the exercise works and I stick to it, yes.
will you try to eat something you've never had before?:Maybe
will you be getting any tattoo's?:Nope
will you be getting any piercings:Nope
will you try a new hairstyle or color?:Maybe, never know. Gotta do something with the invasion of gray.
will there be any charities you'll be active in?:Yes
Holidays and Occasions
Have you made any new years resolutions?:Sorta
Do you have any plans on keeping them?:Hopefully
If you fail before the year is up, is that it or you gonna try again?:Well it's the same as last year so I'm trying again.
Do you have a Valentine?:Only in my dreams.
If not, do you want one?:I would give a lot for that yes.
What do you want for your birthday in 07?:True love.
Will you party for St Patricks day?:Maybe... Matt?
How about Mardi Gras?:Nah
What would make Christmas in 07 the best ever?:Being in love again.
This Or That
2007; New beginning or Same old shit:We'll see, 2006 was the same old shit.
See what life brings or
Make things happen:
Single life or a serious relationship:I'm hoping for serious relationship.
New love or Make a current love stronger:New love
Party more or Party less:about the same
New Job or Raise/promotion at the current:Yes
Work harder or Relax more:Relax more
Save money or Stop being so cheap:save money
Travel more or stay home more:Travel more hopefully
Make new friends or Spend more time with current friends:Yes
Top 5's
Top 5 Places to go in 07:NPM National Convention in Indy, Networkers in LA, Florida, Italy (I wish), and whereever I find Love
Top 5 Famous people to meet in 07:John Chambers, Linus Torvalds, Ron Santo, President Bush, Bill O'Reilly
Top 5 People to see more in 07:Future Wife, Michelle, Christine, Matt, the Truman gang
Top 5 Things to do in 07:Cubs Games, Bears Games, Hang out with my Friends, travel, find true love
Top 5 Ways to improve yourself in 07:Loose weight, learn new things, take better care of myself, Love more, trust more
And Finally
One new years wish to make your 07 truly Happy:That God will show me a bit more of his plan for me to answer my constant question of "What's the buzz? Tell me what's a happening."
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