Thursday, January 4, 2007

Language, Signs and Translations

I just opened my new daily Italian phrase calendar and was thinking about languages and signs and how we translate them either right, sorta ok or just plain wrong and how meanings can change because of that. One of my goals is to someday learn Italian well enough that I can go visit my relatives in Italy without needing a translator or needing them to speak English(most do). The language though that I think everyone in my stage of life needs help with is the language of the opposite sex whether you are male or female.

Thousands of books have been written on the subject like Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus (I think they're really from Pluto (Which is a planet!)). What I want to know is why can't we just be blunt and all speak in English (or the vernacular of the region) when we go through the game(or maybe the puzzle) of relationships? Wouldn't it be a fresh and novel approach instead of flirting with subtle "signals" that neither side understands 100% of the time that we would instead have a conversation like:

"Hi my name is Joe."
"Hi Joe, my name is Jane."
"Jane, I think you're pretty."
"Oh really?"
"Yes I do. Would you consider going out with me?"
"Yes I think so, let's talk and get to know each other."

Instead we spend time trying to read signals. Now am I saying that I've got the guts to do this? Nah probably not, but man wouldn't it be simpler if we had that kind of guts? So in case women are reading, just be blunt with me and let me know what your thinking. I don't read signals well. I thought the last woman was telling me to bunt!


  1. hm.
    yeah, i pretty much have nothing to say to this that wouldln't confuse you further. *grin*