Thursday, August 3, 2006

Lyrical Thought #25

This thought is coming due to the amount of times this song has come into my head as a response to those worrying about how pretty a church is or the organ or ....

What is this Place

What is this place where we are meeting?
Only a house, the earth its floor,
walls and a roof sheltering people,
window for light, an open door.
Yet it becomes a body that lives
when we are gathered here,
and know our God is near.

Words from afar, stars that are falling,
sparks that are sown in us like seed.
Names for our God, dreams, signs and wonders
sent from the past are all we need.
We in this place remember and speak
again what we have heard:
God's free redeeming word.

And we accept bread from this table,
broken and shared, a living sign.
Here in this world, dying and living,
we are each other's bread and wine.
This is the place where we can receive
what we need to increase:
God's justice and God's peace.

"What is this place?"
Hymn text by Huub Oosterhuis, Tr. David Smith, © 1984 TEAM Publications.

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