Monday, August 21, 2006

Jazz Band

Ok so on a whim I decided that I needed a challenge this fall. I haven't played anything outside of church music in almost 4 years. I signed up for the local community college's Jazz Band. Tonight was the first rehearsal. Ouch I am SO out of shape when it comes to range. My chops are like jello right now.

What's really interesting is that two of the trumpeters in the band are former adjudicators from my high school days in solo and ensemble contest. One actually remembered me which I'm a bit scared of since he always ripped my solos. Myself and one other student are the only ones that are not Jazz gurus in the trumpet section. We were looking at each other in awe of the others. I feel like a little Freshman again like high school looking at the almighty senior trumpet gods. I did find out my senior year that they're not gods, they're just older, but don't tell that to any freshmen.

To all my music major/degree friends out there. Any help on basic theory websites or basic improv would be greatly appreciated.

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