Thursday, June 2, 2005

Online Dating

I've been doing the online dating thing off and on since my ex-fiance decided that I wasn't "the one". I've done Match, Yahoo, Lavalife and E-harmony. Of course being a guy I ended up paying for all of them at one point or another for the privilege of e-mailing the women on the sites. Over the years I've come up with some pet peeves that I wish women would think about, especially since they're so picky with how we behave.

1) Guys have to pay to talk with you, at least reply and say sorry I'm not interested.
2) If you want to see our picture or ask a certain question, be willing to respond in kind.
3) If you're communicating with someone and decide you're not interested, tell the person, don't just disappear.
4) If you go on a date with the person, don't say I'd like to see you again if you don't mean it.

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