Monday, June 13, 2005

Not Guilty???

The jury may have found him Not Guilty, but I think someone needs to find the jury Guilty of being stupid. Once again a celebrity gets off for a heinous crime. This time it's even worse than OJ because it's a crime against children. Michael Jackson does not deserve to be free to molest again. One can only hope that other parents aren't dumb enough to let their kids near him.

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  1. agree but disagree
    You have to take into consideration that the prosecution did not present enough sufficent evidence to convict Michael. This is where the injustice was. The charges were weak and they were reaching for stars that were completely out of reach for them. The jury foreman himself said that he knew that Michael did it, but you can not convict someone just because you think that they did it. The evidence was not there and we have no one to blame for Michael getting off but the prosecution and their errors.