Friday, February 19, 2010

Attention Snail Mail Users!!!

This geek's physical address is changing...

It's no longer 00:01:23:AB:CD:02... wait I mean my physical home address not my ethernet adapter...

2006 Plum Street
Jacksonville, IL 62650-2271



  1. Have you updated your Amazon list accordingly? (And when does this change take effect?)
    Speaking of moving, if you don't mind me asking, this seems soon after the last one, what's up?
    Also, speaking of Amazon... can I just say, if you want people to get you things, more options in the $20-30 (and less in the frakkin' $1500 range!) would be appreciated ;p

  2. 1. Yes, immediately
    2. We bought a house, done with the f'ing landlord.
    3. I counted 17 items on my list that fit that description. The Cisco gear is a hint to someone that owes me for a lot of consulting work.