Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Earlier this season, the Phillies became the first team to have 10,000 franchise losses.  Last night the second team in history reached the 10,000 franchise win mark.  The first was the San Francisco/New York Giants.  Last night's entrant was ... the CHICAGO CUBS!!!  So apparently we have a better winning tradition than some team in St. Louis.  Unfortunately the right combination of wins for a World Series has just not happened since 1907 and 1908.


  1. To reference another redneck sport, it doesn't matter how many laps you are in first place, it's who wins in the final round.

  2. You are referring to Baseball as a redneck sport? I think not.

  3. Let's pay a large amount of watch grown a children's game (mostly standing around and doing nothing)...who are paid large sums of money if they are successful...drink hot dogs...shout obscenities at unpopular "players"...and berate people for liking "players" that you don't yourself like. Oh, and lest we forget the typical head gear that most redneck people wear...BASEBALL CAPS! Uhm, yeah...redneck sport. Deal with it and accept it. Nothing is wrong with it being a redneck sport, unless you have a problem with rednecks.