Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm Dreaming...

of a white EASTER???  What the heck?


  1. Does that mean now would be a bad time to mention it was sunny and almost 90 degrees out here in California yesterday? ;) Of course, factor in having the oven on all day to bake the ham in 90-degree heat, and I might have preferred the snow day ...! Hope you had a good Easter! Ask He-L about his foot-tall chocolate bunny, "The Professor." (Yes. Really. He has a yellow ribbon bow tie with a chocolate suit jacket and is holding a chocolate book! I didn't see any elbow pads on the suit jacket, though.)

  2. Yup. We even had accumulation at one or two points, before the sun came back out and melted it in five minutes flat. But it would snow, stop, snow, stop, sun, snow, stop, sun... repeat ad nauseum.