Thursday, December 13, 2007

Toilet Seats

Ok so yesterday morning I had the not so fun experience of my toilet seat developing a crack. Stop laughing! It seriously is a pain in the behind. That being said I went to Home Depot last night in search of a toilet seat. Believe it or not... they had tons of toliet seats in stock, but none of the plain old toilet seats for your average home toilet. I then went to Wal-Mart and was faced with the same selection and the same lack of stock in regular seats. Has there been a mad rush on toilet seats in Jacksonville this week because of the ice storm? Tonight I'm going to Springfield for something else, so I guess I'll stop there and see if the mad rush has hit them too.


  1. "Hey, ice storm coming! We need to stock up on bread, milk, and eggs for our french toast; beer; and oh, don't forget the toilet seats!"

  2. Apparently that must be the case. Maybe there is a national crisis involving a shortage of toilet seats?

  3. Hmm ...
    Am I allowed to laugh? Dave Barry would be all over something like this. I get annoyed when I need something that is really not all that unusual and I have to go to 2-3 stores to find it! That happened to me recently with trying to find a candy thermometer. Seriously, just a candy/deep fry thermometer. I tried FOUR stores that ONLY had oven thermometers, and finally I had to just order one on Amazon. How ridiculous is that?? Maybe they assume Californians don't make Christmas candies?! ;)

  4. Re: Hmm ...
    Well they probably didn't stock them because it said Deep Fry which of course is unhealthy and almost illegal in California. ;-)