Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lyrical Thought #47

This is more because I just saw Mr. Holland's Opus and perhaps out of hope.

Cole's Song

Julian Lennon

I feel that the love around me
has come from another world
I have lost love
I have found love
From the moment you were born

I could see a new beginning
Come to me, let me tell you how
how I've lost love
and now I've found love
in a world of broken dreams

I was wrong
to deny your feelings
and I'm sorry
if I've caused you pain
I was lost then
so confused then
and I believe that
you would change that

There are broken hearts we can mend
Through the music we've learned to love again
Through the sad notes
through the years
there were times when I just couldn't tell you

And now we've come
to an understanding
and I'm sorry
that it took so long
I have lost love
I have found love
from the moment you were born

I have lost you
and now I've found you
Let me feel your heart
let me hear your song


  1. That I did, this is Ben from Newman. I saw the link on your facebook.