Friday, November 10, 2006


Ok so I haven't written much of substance lately. Here's the last week or so in the cliff notes version. Last weekend I drove over to Kansas City to visit Nick and Kimmy and my God children. I can't believe how fast Gabe and CeCe are growing up. They're both running a mile a minute of course and really starting to talk. They've developed their own twin language between the two of them in addition to the English they know. Getting to hold them and run around with them has really made me more sure that I want kids someday.

This week has mainly been work and more work as normal. I'm taking today off to sorta relax and get started on reorganizing the apartment into a semblance of order. This afternoon I'm driving up to Rockford to visit Michelle. Makes me wish that all of my friends and I could live in one place and still have our jobs. It'd be like college without the exams.

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