Friday, September 8, 2006


It's been a long time since I got to listen to live Jazz. Recently I joined the Jazz band at LLCC, but I've been a bit overwhelmed by the talents of the other trumpet players. Because of this I called my friend that is a Jazz trumpeter and retired band director and asked to take some lessons. While talking to him he invited me to come hear his band.

Tonight I went and did just that. It was great to get to hear some great players playing the classics. It reminded me a lot of my college days when we'd go to the Jazz place in Kirksville. One of the dentists in town (aka Dr. Wisdom) bought this house and turned it into a place for Jazz performances. Usually it was him on a piano, Chris Ellman on drums and a mix of horn players from Truman.

Hopefully some day I'll be good enough to play in a group like Don's or Dr. Wisdom's.

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