Sunday, November 13, 2005

People of Influence Installment 1

Louis J "Moose" Maurer Jr

Louis was one of my Assistant Scoutmasters when I was in Boy Scouts. I still remember my first meeting showing up and him getting me involved immediately in the wood carving merit badge that the scouts were working on. From then on he took me under his wing. Home sickness was a problem for me when it came time for scout camp, but he just boohooed back at me and told me he missed his mommy too. He made me laught and things were good.

Louis continued to help me through scouts and into the Order of the Arrow. He never achieved Eagle Scout himself, but I believe through how he helped me to achieve Eagle that he did. Towards the end he was very sick and I didn't see him much, but it meant a lot to me and I believe to him also that he was able to make it from the VA hospital to my Eagle Scout ceremony.

Unfortunately it wasn't too long after that I was standing as an honor guard to his coffin at the funeral home. Good job Louis and thanks for everything.

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